Jilbert Winery and Brewery


Jilbert Winery and Brewery, established in 1999, is a family-owned and operated boutique winery and brewery specializing in the production of premium Ohio grape and honey-based wines and beer. Jilbert Winery and Brewery offers a variety of wines and beer reflecting the diverse palates of our customers. Experience the winery housed in days gone by historic dairy barn built-in 1905. The property also includes the historic picturesque Jilbert house built in 1913, tasting room, gift shop, and the enclosed patio. The second floor of the dairy barn was refurbished to its original glory into an intimate dining room complete with a double fireplace, chandeliers and a hanging wooden horse cart.

Prepare your palate for sips of our fine Valley City, Ohio produced wines and beer. Relax on the enclosed patio, sun room or in our refurbished century-old dairy barn.

1496 Columbia Rd, Valley City, OH 44280

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