Ohio Pie Co


Frankly, I got tired of watching my fellow Ohioans argue over who has the best pizza — New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc. with no signature native pie of our own to throw into the mix.

After years of traveling the earth with my friends’ punk bands tasting the best pies America has to offer; I took flavors into my own hands and created The Original Ohio Style Pizza.

We all irrationally love Ohio, so why shouldn’t we have our own style pie to irrationally love too? Unapologetically flavorful and unique, with simple and sturdy crust made daily that’s built to handle cheese and toppings that run right to the edge. A signature sauce swirl and square cut that ensures no two slices or bites are the same.

Ohio is my home and my heart, but you’ll know that with each bite.

Nick Robson
Owner, Founder & Creator

1315 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212

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