Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique

Majestic Meadows Alpacas & Boutique

Fun for the whole family!

Majestic Meadows Alpacas is the perfect place to relax and de-stress while enjoying the outdoors.  The 20-acre Medina property includes open pastures for you to roam and visit alpacas and their animal friends. Currently there are 70 plus alpacas on the farm along with miniature donkeys, Nigerian dwarf goats, angora goats, nigora goats, babydoll sheep, Shetland sheep, highland miniature cows, kangaroos, llamas, miniature horses, miniature potbellied pigs, Gus, a dromedary camel and Sheldon the sulcata tortoise.

Pro Tip! Reserve your visit time here: and order food bags in advance. If you get more than one, put all but one away before you go in with the animals. They know what it is and they will grab it!

Why Visit

”Our family has been breeding and raising alpacas for over 25 years and we have now added lots of family friendly animals to the farm to create the ultimate interactive farm education experience for animal lovers of all ages. Come and find out what we are all about and experience the true wonder of these majestic creatures.”

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Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am-6pm (Reservations are required)



4195 Abbeyville Road  Medina, OH 44256

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